Dittofi Onboarding Series
Welcome to the Dittofi onboarding series
In this sections, we will be teaching you the fundamentals of landing page, website and web app development inside Dittofi.
Over four lessons you will learn:
NOTE: By the end of this series you will know what makes Dittofi different from other no-code / visual app builders, how to sign up and get support, how to get started building an app inside Dittofi and what the high level architecture of a Dittofi app looks like.

Some recommendations

If you are 100% non-technical, absolute beginner, we recommend that you also take our Web Developer Beginner Series -->


Next, let's get into what makes Dittofi different. You will learn a brief history of no-code / visual app development and why Dittofi is the next generation of no-code / visual programming technology.
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