How to Navigate Dittofi Workspaces
Lesson 2 in the Dittofi Onboarding Series
When you first log into Dittofi, you will land on the Dittofi workspaces page.
How to navigate around Dittofi
In this tutorial we are going to navigate you around the Dittofi Workspaces page. We will cover:
  • Top Menu bar options
  • Finding support
  • Dittofi workspaces

Top Menu Bar

Looking at the workspaces page, you will see a menu bar at the top of the screen. The menu bar allows you to navigate (1) back to the Dittofi website by clicking on the Dittofi logo, (2) to the workspaces page by clicking on the Workspaces option and (3) to the Dittofi templates page where you can find prebuilt landing page, website and full stack app templates that you can install, customize and own.
Install, Customize and Own Well Designed App Templates Inside Dittofi
Finding Support On the far right-hand corner, you have an help icon. Clicking this, you will see a list of educational resources that you can use to help build an app inside Dittofi.
Also under the help icon, you’ll find all of the video tutorials that we have on the Dittofi YouTube channel.
Dittofi Youtube Channel
The chance to hire a Dittofi specialist from our ecosystem of Certified Dittofi Experts. These groups can help you build your prototype, MVP, API integrations, help you complete existing Dittofi builds, create templates for you to sell and much much more. Everything that they build inside Dittofi is 80% faster than writing the code by hand.
Certified Dittofi Agencies
The option to join one of our App Launch Programs where you can learn to build and launch an app in 4 - 8 weeks.
Information about our plans and pricing.
Dittofi Pricing Plans
These same options for support and pricing are listed on the panel on the left hand side of the screen.

Account Settings

Below your profile picture, there is the option to change your account settings.
Under account settings there are options to:
  • Update your profile for example, changing your profile picture, updating the name on the account and setting more profile information.
  • Manage your account security, for example change passwords, update profile pictures and (for developers) to add your SSH keys for access to your apps source code.
  • Review billing See a list of upcoming Dittofi App Launch Programs / Boot Camps that you have subscribed to.
There is also the option to log out from the platform from here.

Dittofi Workspaces

A workspace is like a folder in which you can store multiple applications. Each workspace comes with its own pricing plan. The plans are based on resources used by apps within your workspace, the number of apps within your workspace and certain features sets that are available within the Dittofi App Builder, for example source code exports and custom URLs.
It is possible to add multiple workspaces by clicking on the “+ Add A Workspace” button.
Workspaces can be shared with your team, so that you can collaborate easily when building your landing page, website or app.


Next, we will take a deeper look at what is possible with workspaces, how to add an app to your workspace, how to customize a workspace in the workspace settings, how to share your workspace and manage different workspace permissions.
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