What is an App in Dittofi?
Lesson 4 in the Dittofi Onboarding Series
Everything that you will build in Dittofi is going to be called an app. In this tutorial, we are going to explain what is an app in Dittofi and how you can configure your app settings.
What is a Dittofi no-code app
In this lesson, you will learn about:
  • Types of Dittofi no-code app
  • Creating an app
  • App configurations
  • Template apps

Types of Dittofi no-code app

In the last lesson, we learnt that a Workspace is like a folder that can hold a collection of different apps. Now, everything that you build inside Dittofi is called an app. This can be:
  • Landing pages
  • Websites
  • Full stack web app
  • Custom APIs (these are backend only apps that you can plug into other no-code tools)
Literally everything that you are going to build inside Dittofi is called an app. Apps live inside of Workspaces, you can see an example of several apps that have been developed inside the workspace "MVP Apps" below.
Six apps inside a Workspace called "MVP Apps"

Creating an app

To create a new app it is really easy, simply press the "Add an app" button, give your app a name and a description, then press "OK".
Adding a new app called "Fintech App"

App settings

To get access to your app settings, click the icon that is on the bottom right hand corner of your app.
Loading app settings
This brings up a drop down under which you have shortcuts to all of the different options that are available inside your App settings and a general "App settings" option that contains all the app setting shortcuts that you have access to in the drop down.
Clicking on the "App settings" button loads the following page, where you can see the following screen.
From within this screen, you can see options for:
  1. 1.
    General app settings such as your apps name, category of app, links to app demos and your app description
  2. 2.
    App hosting, so that you can do things like attach custom domains to your app
  3. 3.
    Code export for your app, either by integrating the code directly into Github or by downloading the code as a Zip file, open it up in your code editors and do whatever you want with it
  4. 4.
    Upload different fonts for you to use within your app

Template apps

Dittofi has a apps templates marketplace, where you can (A) install apps that other people have developed and where you can (B) publish your own apps for other people to use.
Available templates are listed under the "Templates" tab in the Dittofi dashboard.
Dittofi templates marketplace

How to install a template

To install a template, go to the templates tab and click on the app template that you're interested in using.
Selecting an app template
This will bring up a detailed view of the app template.
Detailed app template view
Next, you can test the app template by clicking on the View In Browser button.
Testing templated apps
If you're happy with the app template and its functionality, you can then either purchase the app template and then install the app template into a workspace or, if the app template is free, you can install it immediately into a workspace.
Ditto tip: If you get an error installing an app template, it's likely that you have too many apps in your Workspace

How to publish your app to the market place

If you want to build and sell your own app template you can do this as well. Dittofi controls the quality of the app templates and so you'll need to contact [email protected] to get your app reviewed once completed.
Ditto tip: If you're planning on building a template and would like more details on what the acceptance criteria are for apps to be listed in our market place, please email [email protected]


Next up, we will be diving into the Dittofi App Design Studio. We will give you a quick orientation and show you the layout of the Design Studio.
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