Dev Agency FAQs
FAQs asked by development agencies that are conducting a technical assessment of the Dittofi technology.

What is the technology stack that apps built on Dittofi use?

Dittofi is a no-code platform that enables you to build software visually however, below the visual interface, Dittofi auto generates real, high quality, human readable computer code.
The frontend code is auto generated in HTML, CSS & React & the backend code generates in Google GO. The database used is PosgreSQL & the web server we use is Nginx. Dittofi users are able to host with Dittofi, export & deploy their full stack source code or to do both.
Applications deployed on the Dittofi infrastructure are hosted inside Amazon Web Services (AWS) inside their own secure Docker container. We also provide options for private hosting of applications on your own dedicated server. Users can associate their own domains with their software applications. Every application deployed with Dittofi is automatically enabled with SSL.
Lastly, we use GIT to version control edits made to the code base & any of the code auto generated by the system can be either downloaded, published to GitHub or pulled by adding your SSH keys to the platform & sync’ing with the repository on the Dittofi server.
Please note that, at this time, it is not possible to re-import the code into the platform once you’ve made edits to it off platform.

How long will it take my team to learn the Dittofi platform?

Development teams can learn one of two ways. (1) By joining a Dittofi boot camp or (2) by reading & watching training materials that are included inside the Dittofi platform. The Dittofi boot camp can get your tech get team ramped up quickly so that they are ready to take on client engagements in two to four weeks. Self learning depends on the commitment of the individual &/or team, but we have seen development companies become proficient Dittofi users in 10 - 20 hours of personal study & platform usage.

How long will it take my team to become expert users of the Dittofi platform?

To become an expert user of the Dittofi platform your team will need to build between one and three complex full stack applications. After you’ve done this, our partners team will be able to review the applications that you’ve built & to access your readiness to become a Dittofi Partner. Being a Dittofi Partner opens up various opportunities, although the threshold for this is set relatively high.

What types of apps can be built using Dittofi?

Dittofi is a full stack visual programming technology that allows you to build frontend web app & cross platform backend & API integrations. We have had clients use only the frontend builder & plug this into another backend, as well as clients using that only want to use the backend builder & then to plug this into a mobile app.
So far we have seen the following types of applications built on Dittofi:
  • SEO compliant websites & landing pages
  • Marketing websites
  • Membership apps e.g. gated content
  • Directories
  • Fintech / RegTech
  • Two sided marketplaces
  • On demand service apps
  • Chat apps
  • Content management system
  • Learning management systems
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Event management
  • Geo-location apps & map applications
  • Back office & administration
  • Music sharing apps &
  • Big data & AI.

What are the options for technical support?

Dittofi provides in-app support for all of our users with different response times available for different pricing tiers. For enterprise packages, we provide the option to schedule in person support with a Dittofi Consultant who can help make sure that you’re using the Dittofi platform to build in the most efficient & most sustainable way.

How much revenue should I expect to make as a Dittofi Partner?

Right now, the typical Dittofi partner can expect to be passed leads worth around $400,000 USD per year. Not everyone can be a Dittofi partner & to qualify you need to pass a minimum threshold in terms of your understanding of the Dittofi platform. To learn what these are & to ask for references from existing Dittofi Partners, contact [email protected].
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