Similar to the date field, date times can get tricky in app development. Dittofi gives you some options to build up a date time field using out of the box data types. In this article we are going to look at how you can add a date time and change the date time.

Adding a date time

To add a date time field, click on the "+" button in the header of your data model, give your field a name and pick the date time column.

Notice, when you add the date time field you can choose the display format of the date and time. The date can be formatted as either Local, US, Friendly, European or ISO and the time can be formatted as either 24 hour or 12 hour.

Changing the date time

Once you've added your date time column, you can change it by clicking on the individual cell for the records that you want to edit.

You are able to change the date and time by double clicking on a cell and using the same popup to modify the date and / or the time for that cell.

If you want to modify the format of the date time field, you can do this by clicking the downward arrow in the column heading, clicking "customize field type" and switching over the date time format.

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