The price field in Dittofi is a specific number field that formats the number as a price with a currency symbol attached. You can specify the currency as any text string (e.g. $, £, ¥), the level of precision of your price between one and six decimal places and whether to allow negative prices or not. The example below shows the price for ¥, set to two decimal places and allowing negative prices.

You can also set a default value for every cell by entering into the Default tab and entering a default value e.g. 0.00. This means that every new record will have the default value of 0.00 set.

Please note, Dittofi does not currently support setting multiple currencies in the same column. If you need to achieve this, we suggest that you create two columns one with the type Single line text field to store the currency symbol and the other with the type Number with decimal field. See an example of this below.

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