The number field in Dittofi is designed to hold whole numbers or integers.

The field is a general purpose field type for whole numbers and can be used to hold values such as the number of houses, number of drivers, distances in miles or kilometers and so on.

Number fields should be used for whole numbers only, they can be used in computation or visualization, for example performing arithmetic or for plotting data on a chart or displaying single sets of values in your frontend.

Please note, the number field should not be used for storing arbitrarily long numbers such as unique customer numbers. This is because for larger numbers (above 15 digits) will be automatically rounded by the computer. Therefore, for these longer numbers consider using a Single line text field instead.

There are other numeric field types that might also work better for the values that you're storing, depending on the types of numeric values that you're trying to store. For example:

  • Number with decimal field can be used to store fractional numbers with different levels of precision. This can be useful if you're looking to store anything that is not a whole number, for example, heights and widths.

  • The price field can be used to store prices that include your choice of a currency e.g. $100. Although, if you have multiple currencies in your data, it might be better to store your data as a number with decimal and make a separate currency field of type Single line text.

  • The percentage field is useful if you're looking to express a number as a fraction of 100 and denoted with a percentage sign e.g. 50%

  • The duration field can be used to store values measured in hour, minutes, seconds or milliseconds. In this case your data will be stored in the duration format h:mm:ss.

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