When you are building the frontend of your app, there may be sections of the frontend that you want to reuse multiple times. For example, you might design and build a side bar layout, such as the one below.

In this example, it is likely that the side bar should be kept consistent across all of the pages in your app. However, keeping this consistent while you're updating your app can be time consuming and error prone if you have to do it manually across all pages.

To get around this issue, Dittofi has a concept of partials. Partials are elements or collections of elements that can be reused throughout your app.

In the example of the side bar layout, we can convert the side bar into into a partial by first clicking on the collection of elements that make up the side bar and then clicking on the three dots in the element options, as shown below.

The newly created side bar partial can then be accessed by expanding the elements panel and clicking on the "Partials" option.

Before using the new partial it is best practice to re-name the partial by clicking the downward facing arrow to the right of the new partial and then clicking edit partial.

At this point, you can drag and drop your new partial into any page on your app. To edit the partial once it has been added to your app, double click on the partial. Any edits that you make to the partial will then propagate throughout your entire app.


What is the difference between a partial and a prefab?

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