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Manage Billing

In this section we show you how to manage your Dittofi billing
Billing for the Dittofi Design Studio is done on a per workspace basis. Workspace plans are limited by features, number of apps, resources & support. Workspace plans are not limited in terms of the type of app that you can build with the workspace.
Below is a screenshot of a workspace with seven apps inside.
To learn more about workspaces, including how to choose & pay for a plan, read workspace admin.
In this article we are going to look at:
  • Upgrading a workspace
  • Downgrading a workspace
  • Transferring ownership
  • Canceling a workspace subscription

Canceling a workspace subscription

To cancel a workspace subscription, go to workspace settings & then plans, as shown below.
You can then choose the option to Cancel next to your subscription & this will allow you to cancel your workspace subscription. This is shown below.
Note that after you cancel your subscription, we will keep your apps source code & data for 30 days before deleting this permanently.