🖥️Getting Started

Learn the basics of backend app development inside Dittofi

In this section you are going to learn the basics of backend app development inside Dittofi. If you are new to backend app development, we recommend watching the Web Developer Beginner Series before reading this section.

Please note, you do NOT need to write any code to build a backend for your app on Dittofi. The course is structured into the following sections.

  • Intro to Data

  • Intro to Application Programing Interface (API)

  • Connect to third party API

  • Build a custom API

  • Action & events

NOTE: at the end of this series you will be able to build and launch a basic backend for your website or app, using Dittofi and without writing any code.

For more advanced users, we have created a reference section on how to configure different backend functionality inside Dittofi.

So that you're able to practically apply your skills as you learn, we recommend that you:

Sign up to a Plus Account on Dittofi -->

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular updates -->

If you are 100% non-technical, absolute beginner, we recommend that you also take our Web Developer Beginner Series -->

Let's GO!

Okay, enough pre-amble... let's get started with an Intro to Data.

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