Workspace Admin

Overview of Dittofi's workspace administration.

In this article we will cover:

  • What is a Dittofi workspace?

  • Managing workspace collaborators

  • Workspace plans

  • How to pay for a workspace plan?

What is a Dittofi workspace?

A Dittofi workspace is a place where you can build software applications. Inside Dittofi, you have the option to create multiple workspaces. Each workspace can hold multiple software applications. Below is a screen shot of a workspace. The workspace is holding seven different applications.

When you have multiple workspaces, these are all listed inside the "Workspaces" tab which is the first screen you get to inside the Dittofi Design Studio.

Inside the workspace view, you're able to add new workspaces by clicking on the "+Add a workspace" button.

Notice, that billing for Dittofi is done on a per workspace basis. Read Manage Billing for more details.

Managing Workspace Collaborators

You can share your workspace with multiple accounts.

To share your workspace & also to see which account is the owners of a workspace, click on either the "person" icon or the "Share" button displayed in the top right hand corner of the workspace.

From within the popup, you're able to:

  • Add collaborators by inputting their email & using the "Send invite" button.

  • Remove collaborators & change owners of your workspace with the "Remove" & "Make Owner" buttons.

Note, collaborators are able to view & edit all of the software applications inside of your workspace. But the owner of your workspace is the only person that is able to add new or remove apps, edit app settings e.g. the name, make payments for the workspace, add new collaborators or download the apps code.

Workspace plans

Workspace plans determine the features & resources that are available for software applications built inside a workspace. For example, a workspace on the Free Plan is only able to hold a maximum of 2GiB of data & one app, whereas a workspace on the Scale Plan is able to hold up to 10 apps with configurable data storage.

To see which plan a workspace is on, you can either click on (A) the dropdown arrow to the right of the workspace name or (B) click on "Current Plan".

Then under the Workspace settings opening up the "Plans" tab gives you a list of the available plans.

Each plan details how many apps, design studio features, resources & support are available for that plan.

How to pay for a workspace plan?

Once you are inside the Plan's tab inside for a particular workspace, there are two available prices for either monthly subscription payments, or discounted payments for one year paid upfront. You can see each of the prices by using the Monthly / Annual price toggle.

Once you've decided on a monthly subscription or bulk annual payment, you can click on the "Choose Plan" button. This will bring up a popup where you can enter your credit or debit card details. If you have a discount code, you can also add that here.

Payments will then be automatically taken, either via a monthly subscription or a one off bulk payment for year long access.

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