Handling dates can be tricky in app development. To help make the development of your app easier, Dittofi has created a standard Date field that you can leverage. In this article we are going to cover how you can add dates and change dates for a given record in your data model.

Adding dates

To add a date, you need to first press the "+" button on the data model, giving your field a name, selecting the date type and pressing save.

Notice, you can choose from different date formats: local, friendly, US, European and ISO.

To add a new date to a field, we can click on the cell and use the date dropdown to select a date.

Changing dates

After you've added dates, you can change them from directly within your data models page by clicking on the cell and switching the date in the same way that you initially set the date.

You can also switch over the date formats by clicking on the dropdown, selecting "customize field type" and picking a new format for the date.

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