How can I set up Google Analytics?

You can set up Google Analytics to track the number of people that come to your app in 5 quick and easy steps.

Step 1. Login to Gmail

Login to your Gmail account at

Or create a new Gmail account and login to Gmail.

Step 2. Login to Google Analytics

After you've logged in to your Gmail account go to and create a Google Analytics account.

Step 3. Set up a data stream

Inside Google Analytics create a data stream with the URL (web address) of your Dittofi App.

In Google Analytics, scroll down you new data stream and under Tagging Instructions you'll find the option Global site tag, as below.

Copy and paste the Global Site Tag into your Dittofi app. You need to paste this code onto the home page of your app under the Custom Code setting.

Note, the tag must be pasted onto the Home Page in Dittofi. If you're struggling to locate this page because you've renamed it, the page will be the one marked with the home symbol as shown below.

Step 5. Build code and test

The final step is to build your code and test. To do this, click the "Build code" button and try previewing your app by clicking "Preview".

If everything is working, under the "real-time" tab in Google Analytics you'll see your session appear, as below.

Note, it can take a few minutes for Google Analytics to recognize the new connection - so don't worry if you don't see the test working immediately ;)

There is much more you can do with Google Analytics to help better understand how your users are interacting with your app. For now at least, you can know how many people are visiting your app (landing page, website or web app). This can be great validation to show both you and prospective investors or project sponsors that there is an interest in your product.

If your goal is to prove to yourself and prospective investors that there is an interest in your product idea, you can also build a pre-launch landing page where you collect up user details e.g. first name, last name, email, phone numbers.

If you've not already done this, try setting up a custom domain for your app (landing page, website or web app) and start promoting your idea!

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