Connect a custom domain

Point your custom domain towards Dittofi hosting & connect it to your Dittofi website or web app.

When you press the preview button inside the Dittofi Design Studio, this generates a Dittofi branded URL that looks something like:

Depending on your workspace plan, you'll also see that your app includes the Dittofi watermark.

You can remove the watermark & publish to your project to any custom domain that you own ( once you've added a site plan to your project.

In this tutorial we will cover:

  1. Adding a custom domain

  2. Updating the DNS

  3. Best practices for managing your app launch

Please be aware.

Domains can take anywhere between 24 - 48 hours to propagate & sometimes up to 72 hours. Some domain registrars e.g. Go Daddy & Google Domains can populate their DNS within 15 minutes up to an hour.

Adding a custom domain

To add a custom domain to your Dittofi software application, first go to Application Settings. This option is displayed below your app:

Next, go to your software applications Hostings tab where you'll see one of two options depending on your site plan.

In the first case, you're required to update your site plan to a paid tier before you're able to add your custom domain. In the second case, you're ready to add a custom domain.

To add a custom domain simply type into the custom domain box & press "+ Add Domain".

Updating the DNS

Access your domains DNS through your domain registrar or DNS's host dashboard. This is most likely where you purchased your domain name e.g. GoDaddy or Google Domains. Every DNS host has their own way of updating DNS settings. We recommend that

  1. Before modifying anything you screenshot your settings, so that you can easily revert back.

  2. You read the help documentation of your DNS host & / or contact their support for help with their interface & settings if you get stuck.

Updating A Records

The first thing to do, is to make sure that you have no A Records with a host of @. This means that you'll need to delete anything where you see the host column set to @.

Next, add the A Record from your Dittofi Hostings tab & set the host symbol to @.

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