Component Libraries

What are component libraries & how to use Dittofi's core components library

A component library is a set of reusable components you can use across your entire app. These component libraries consist of styled UI elements like buttons and texts. These UI elements are kept in a single repository or folder.

There are several benefits to using a components libraries when building your app. These benefits include:

  • Consistency: By using a components library, your app will look & feel a lot more consistent. For example, buttons, navigation bars & layouts will be consistently implemented across your entire app.

  • Speed of development: Component libraries are very simple to use. You only need to import components from your components library & then you can use them. There is no need to write any code to make a necessary component work. This makes adding complex components like tables, graphs & responsive layouts much easier.

  • Maintaince: As you work with a components library, you will become intimately familiar with the library & how it works. This makes it much easier uncover any issues with your app & to find & to fix any potential bugs.

Dittofi offers a free components library that you can install & use in your app development. To access this, (1) click on the elements panel, (2) click on more, (3) install library & (4) install (as shown below).

Once you've installed the components library, you can click on the Core Components library to bring up a list of elements inside of the Core Components library.

From within this view, I can see a list of all of the elements in my Core Components library. I can, for instance, add a nav bar to the top of my page like so.

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