Run Action

An overview of how to configure the run action event.

The run action event lets you run a pre-existing action inside an new event chain. This can be useful if you've set up a complex event chain and then want to re-use the functionality within a separate action.

If this is the case, rather than re-building the functionality from scratch, it is faster and less error prone to just directly reuse the existing functionality that you've built and tested. This can be done with the run action event.

Setting up the run action event is easy and can be done simply by (1) adding the run action event to an existing event chain and (2) associating the run action event with a pre-existing action.

In the example below, we attach the run action event onto the bottom of a sign up event chain. Notice the configuration for the run action event is set on the right hand side of the screen.

By reusing our "Send email welcoming new user" action we (A) can build faster by reusing work already done and (B) reduce the possibility of making a configuration error in replica functionality.

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