👨‍💻Getting Started

Learn all about frontend website and web app development in Dittofi.

In this section you are going to learn all about the front-end website & web app development inside Dittofi. The course is 6 lessons that that cover:

Optionally, you can complete the bonus lessons 7 & 8 or get right into learning about the backend.


This onboarding series is for software developers & software development agencies.

If you're entirely new to frontend web app development (HTML, CSS or JavaScript), we recommend you start by watching the Complete 2023 Web Developer Bootcamp Series. This course can be found for free inside the Dittofi University. The course will teach you in under 5 hours how to build custom front-ends like a professional full stack engineer.



If you want to learn about backend app development on Dittofi, begin with our Getting Started, Backend series.

Let's GO!

Okay, enough pre-amble... let's get started with the Weclome to Dittofi tutorial.

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