How to create a marketplace listing

This article explains the generic way that your marketplace providers can create listings in your marketplace and how to customize this using your marketplace dashboard.

To create a marketplace listing, you first need to create a user account in Dittofi and install one of Dittofi’s marketplace templates. Once you’ve done this, open up your marketplace inside Dittofi’s design studio, and click the preview button at the top right of the screen, as shown below.

At this point it is best to make sure that you’re logged in as the marketplace operator. This is the user account that you created when you first signed up to the marketplace.

Once you’re logged in as the marketplace operator click, “Become a Seller” in the top right of your marketplace dashboard and then “Create listing”, as shown below. This will bring up the listing creation form that you can use to create a new marketplace listing.

All marketplace listings are created through the listing creation form, which is composed of multiple sections. Each section needs to be completed before moving to the next, and all sections need to be completed before publishing a listing. The default sections are:

Section 1. Tell us about your listing.

In this section you can set the:

  • Listing Type (free, rental or purchase)

  • Listing title

  • Location

  • Listing fields (basic information about the listing)

Section 2. Make your listing stand out

In this section you can:

  • Add photos of your listing

  • Categorize your Listing

  • Give your listing a description

Section 3. Finish and publish your listing

In this section you can:

  • Set the listing price

  • Publish your listing

  • Set payout details

If you don't complete all sections, your listing will stay in draft mode and you can continue editing it later. Once a listing has been published, you can skip to any section to update it.

Listings that require payment cannot be made live until the user who is creating the listing provides their payout information. Free listing can be made active immediately.

Each section in the listing creation form can be customized entirely from within Dittofi’s visual development studio. Dittofi also allows you to customize the sections in the listing form from within your Marketplace Dashboard.

How to customize the listing creation form

You can customize your listing creation form entirely from within Dittofi’s visual development studio. To do this level of heavy duty customization, we recommend signing up for one of Dittofi’s developer bootcamps.

For more immediate customization, you can use your Marketplace dashboard where you can control three main aspects of your listing creation forms. These are:

  • Listing type

  • Listing fields

  • Listing categories

The Listing Type controls if the listing should be free, available for renting or one off purchase.

The Listing Fields gives you the option to update the basic information that is displayed and that you can capture about the listing.

The Listing Categories allows you to add or remove listing categories as required.

To access these options, go to your Marketplace Dashboard and look under Listing Types to find the options for Listing Types, Listing Categories and Listing Fields, as shown below. Updates made to the Listing Types, Listing Categories and Listing Fields will automatically display in the listing creation form.

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